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We appreciate your patience as this page has not been fully built out.  Please email for any questions of services. 


Classic Highlight

FULL HIGHLIGHT- For the guest looking to add a high impact of blonde.  This is when the blonde starts from the scalp to the ends, blended throughout the whole head.


PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT-This is for the guest wanting brightening around the face and top of the head. The blonde will start at the scalp to the ends, throughout the top and front of the head.


model extension

Classic Color

JUST THE ROOTS- This is for the guest that has 1 inch or less growth at the roots from an all over color.  This is great to have your roots seamlessly match your ends.  This is also perfect for gray coverage..


ALL OVER COLOR-This is for the guest that wants to be 1 color from roots to ends.  This is perfect for someone wanting to go 1-2 shades darker then their from roots to ends. ( NO Highlights are included in this service.)     


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